Tired of your squeaking door seals? me too.

You got a brand new car! Yep, you did it. Your money is well spent and you are a happy camper. That exactly how I felt when I bought my new Seat Ateca with the highest trip possible.

What happened next is a rollercoaster of problems and dealer visits.

Let’s get straight to the point, after a year or so my door seals started to squeak. They created this rub-against metal noise. Imagine that you walk in the snow, this same noise. It was getting worse with every turn or even the slightest body(car body, not mine) articulation. Bummer I thought. Another dealer visit is waiting for me.

Long story short, the dealer sent me to find my own solution and I did!

No more words, I consulted with an ex Volkswagen engineer and he gave me the following information.

He told me to find this “magic” oil, and I did. I found a great seller on eBay and ordered it from him.

You should do it too!

Apply a thin layer to the rubber part of your doors. Don’t use the whole bottle at once, it should be enough for up to two times for 4 doors. Use cotton/microfiber cloth, anything from this list here will do the job.

Of course, you have to re-apply it every 6 months or so but hell! It worth every penny! This is what I bought from a trusted seller and you should do it too. This oil is called Krytox GPL-105. Thank me later.

Click here for a link where I bought it from

Works on every car.

Volkswagen – Tiguan, T-Roc, T-cross, and others.

Seat – Ateca, Leon, Arona, Ibiza